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Ferguson -2014

I blinked one day and when I opened my eyes, it was normal to have an American army battling Americans on American streets. No one even calls it a war. But it is.

Don’t forget this crazy shit actually happened.

Don’t forget this shit is STILL happening


Behold the awesomeness that is Long Ma the fire-breathing dragon-horse, the latest creation by French artist François Delarozière and his art production company La Machine. The 46-ton kinetic sculpture stands almost 40 feet tall and features articulated limbs that can gallop, rear up, and fold beneath him when he wants to sit down. His neck rises and falls and his wonderfully expressive face features eyes that open and close. Best of all, his chest swells from the pressure building in his lungs before he exhales fantastic plumes of smoke from his nostrils and jets of fire from his mouth.

This marvelous interactive sculpture was just debuted in the French city of Nantes and will soon be traveling to Beijing where he’ll be presented in October as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China. Long Ma is based on a creature from Chinese mythology, Longma, a fabled winged horse with dragon scales, and will be the hero of a performance entitled “Long Ma Jing Shen” or “The Spirit of the Horse Dragon” during which he’ll face off against a giant spider.

Click here and here for video footage of Long Ma in all his fiery glory.

Visit the La Machine Facebook page for additional images.

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Body Art by Gesine Marwedel, German artist.


Koi fish
© Genevieve Koberstein 2014


Koi fish

© Genevieve Koberstein 2014


Koi Dance by Victo Ngai


Koi Dance by Victo Ngai


Watercolor Koi Fish.


Watercolor Koi Fish.


"Goldfish" by Chhuy-ing IA on INPRNT

Art by Ben Benjarat


Art by Ben Benjarat


LEGO Koi Fish designed by seankenney

Current Location: San Antonio Botanical Garden

September 2014


In a delightfully nerdy effort to stand out from the competition, an enterprising Redditor named Pastlightspeed (aka Leah) created this awesome LEGO-themed resume consisting of a minifig version of herself wearing her interview suit, a set of custom instructions highlighting her skills and beautifully designed packaging tailored to match the branding and colors for each agency to which she applied. For an agency that specifically requested a ‘persuasive advertisement’, she also created a fantastic 11x17 poster advertising both her minifig and her skills.

"I wanted a fun way to stand out to agencies and get my resume out of the trash can — I’ve always loved LEGO and I created this set to highlight my creativity, skills and initiative! It’s something I hope to be able to send out along with a job application."

We have to agree with Redditor ThisIsTheNameIHaveToType, who reacted to Leah’s employment-seeking efforts by saying, “You win. Nobody else can apply for the job. You get all the jobs.”

[via Laughing Squid]


She has my eyes" by Jason Freeny



Off Book: Lego Art

LEGO blocks are one of the most beloved toys in the world, playing a role in many a person’s childhood. But for some creators, LEGO has evolved from toy to art form. In this episode, we talk to three LEGO artists who have made beautiful mosaics, amazing stop-motion videos, thoughtful sculptures, and have turned these tiny building blocks into a true artistic medium.


Sean Kenney
Alex Kobbs
Nathan Sawaya

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